What Does Frankincense Essential Oil Smell Like?

What Does Frankincense Essential Oil Smell Like?

Frankincense or Olibanum is popularly known and used for its beneficial healing effects and unique scent. Boswellia Carterii is one of Boswellia trees’ species where it is obtained. Opaque resins with the best and highest quality are produced in Somalia, Africa.

As a result, people use this sacred resin and transform it into beneficial products such as essential oils, perfumes, and traditional herbal medicine.

So, what does frankincense smell like?

A team of researchers in France, were able to determine the key odorants of frankincense as to why it has that special aroma the moment it plunges right into your nose. They explained that the two of these never-before-seen molecules, named olibanic acids, give its rare scent.

Thus, resulting in frankincense’s old religious space scent and citrusy fragrance!

Frankincense Essential Oil 

This speciRich results on Google's SERP when searching for frankincense essential oilal oil has been around for ages due to a lot of health benefits it provides. Called as “The King of Oils”, pure frankincense essential oil is very special compared to other essential oils as it is a classic blend of earth, wood, liniment, and citrus. It has energizing and boosting effects to the body which is a perfect product for aromatherapy.


This is the standard method of using pure organic essential oils from the extracts of natural and aromatic plants. People practice this treatment for the beauty and fitness of one’s mind and body.

It would definitely feel like a million dollars when you get to witness the power of frankincense essential oil for yourself. However, let’s find out first how this works through inhalation.


Our nose plays a big part in our daily lives. It helps us breathe air and enables our sense of smell to perceive different scents. We can even enjoy tasting our meals in silence as it keeps doing wonders in our body. 

Knowing that we can get to do a lot of things in life with the help of this organ is just pure cloud nine. In addition, it’s not even anymore surprising that the perception of smells and our emotions are closely related!

Inhaling the aromatic particles of pure frankincense essential oil deeply affects our mind, body and soul. The unique fragrance of this oil refreshes the olfactory system, which is responsible for the sense of smell. Then, these particles will wander inside the body until it reaches the brain.

Moreover, it will influence the limbic system, which deals with emotions and memory, as with one’s whole being. Consequently, pure frankincense essential oil will definitely astound your inner and outer peace. This will help with relaxation and meditation, as well as, brighten up the mood, and improve one’s spirituality.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy pure organic frankincense essential oil’s scent and benefits. Some of the following are:

  • Steamers

Steamer using frankincense essential oil

First, add a few drops of frankincense oil to a bowl of hot water. Next, after cleansing your face and neck, look for a comfortable space where you can have a seat and steam. Then, put a towel over your head while facing over the bowl of hot water. At last, never forget to close your eyes as you take deep breaths and relax yourself with the aromatic scent that frankincense essential oil provides.

Do this for about 5-10 minutes in order to immediately witness how this magnificent oil works miracles in giving you a smooth and glowing skin!


  • Sprays


Spray using frankincense essential oil

First, mix some drops of frankincense essential oil and water-based solution into a container. Then, shake the bottle well before spraying this mixture in a room or house to radiate a unique and aromatic scent. This would also help stimulate and set up your mood as you start and end your day.







  • Diffusers / Humidifiers

    Diffuser/Humidifier using frankincense essential oil

Adding a few drops of frankincense essential oil will surely help with relaxation and meditation in a room or at home as its aromatic fragrance will give you a refreshing and boosting mood all throughout the day.





Remember that safety must always come first, so be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for safety measures before using these devices. 


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