How to burn frankincense and myrrh incense

5 Easy Steps On How To Burn Frankincense And Myrrh Resin as Incense

how to burn frankincense incense


So you want to try incorporating the ancient resins of frankincense and myrrh to your daily routine. Why not? You deserve the peace and calm that this unique experience will bring. Not only that. These ancient aromatic resins contain powerful meditative, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties to help treat various ailments. 

By burning these 100% pure oleo-gum resins on an incense burner, indulge in a long-lasting balsamic aroma to cleanse and purify your space, and the sense of calmness and positive energy it will bring. It is also a natural way to ward off bugs and odor when used in indoor space due to their antimicrobial properties.

How to burn frankincense or myrrh resin?

How to burn frankincense and myrrh incense

Burning the frankincense or myrrh as an incense is perfect – whether it is to kick start your day, or to cap the night feeling relaxed. Given their significance in the past as they were offered to kings and queens, this unique experience will surely make you feel good. 

Here’s what you’ll need to burn your frankincense or myrrh resin:

  • A piece or few pieces of frankincense or myrrh resin (a resin the size of a coin would be enough to cover a small room)
  • a charcoal disc
  • tongs or spoon
  • incense burner
  • a sheet of aluminum foil (optional) 

Step 1: Take one charcoal disc to be heated. Charcoal discs come in different shapes and sizes. Choose a small size just enough to cover the resin.

Step 2:  Heat the charcoal in your incense burner. It needs to be hot enough so it can burn the resin. For safety, use tongs or a spoon to grab the hot charcoal and place the charcoal disk on an incense burner.

Step 3: Wait for the color of the charcoal to become reddish and covered with gray ash. This means that it is hot enough and ready for the resin. Be patient as it may take a few minutes to achieve this.

Step 4: Take the piece of frankincense resin or a myrrh resin and place it on top of the hot charcoal to be burned. You can use one resin of each kind, or a combination to create a more intense balsamic aroma that will please your senses. 

Step 5: Once the resin is in place, you can finally see and smell the smoke of the burned incense. Take this in, and enjoy the experience as it ignites calmness and balance to your mind and body.

Tips: You can use a small sheet of aluminum foil to protect the ash from the charcoal.

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*Disclaimer: This post is intended for information only. BEEYO Ltd. is not responsible for the improper use of burning incense.

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*This is for information guidance. BEEYO Ltd. is not responsible for the improper use of incense burning.

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