Our Story

“Though a tree grows ever so high, 

the falling leaves return to its roots.” 

~ Malawian Proverb

What scent reminds you of home?

For us the Warsame sisters, it is the powerful aroma of burning incense of frankincense and myrrh. Every morning, our grandmother would burn these incense to invite positive energy. When evening comes, she would burn some more to calm the mind for a restful night. 

Don’t we all want to live for days like this?

Tracing the roots in Africa

Our family hails from the Puntland state in northeastern Somalia, a part of the Horn of Africa. It was historically known as the “land of aroma” where frankincense and myrrh trees can be found today. In ancient Egypt and in the Catholic context, these resins were offered to kings as gifts

More than its mystical scent, health research shows that these resins can do wonders not only to the mind, but also to the body. These products have been praised for centuries for their healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The trees, where these aromatic resins can be extracted from, grow where our family lives. What if we can bring this unique experience to more people?

Planting seeds

Growing up, our mother taught us to use plant-derived products for our skin and hair care. Chemical-based products were not available in the village where our mother was from, that is why she used qasil, turmeric, and pure plant-based oils for sun protection, cleanser, and moisturizer for her skin and hair.

With the memory of our grandmother’s rituals, support of our mother, and our innate curiosity and awe for African products, we found out our why.

This prompted us to start mixing natural ingredients – specifically frankincense and myrrh – right in our kitchen. We learned about lotion and oil making to enhance our knowledge in product formulation. Together, we continued doing extensive research about African natural skin care ingredients, and even traveled to Africa again to better understand how women use 100% natural skin care products. 

Reaping the harvest

Back home, we were able to connect with the women who are the best people to care for and harvest the frankincense and myrrh trees. From collecting the sap, to sorting and cleaning, to grading the resins – these were all done by local Somali women. At present, all these steps are still being done by hand. 

Beeyo, which is a Somali term for the type of frankincense that grows in our homeland, became the name of the company that we built through passion, determination, and reverence to our homeland and heritage. 

The BEEYO Ltd. team strives to maintain high standards of quality – both for the people and the planet. We ensure that we use only 100% pure frankincense and myrrh sourced in Africa in our products. When it comes to environmental impact, we are proud to share that we are COSMOS approved, and our frankincense products are certified as Ecocert Raw Material for three consecutive years now. We also continue to support local employment of women in Somalia, and advocate for their autonomy.

Now, more than ever, we at BEEYO Ltd. are on a mission to take these 100% pure ingredients from Africa, and turn them into innovative self-care products that can change one’s view about the world.

That each of us deserve only the best and the purest products for our skin and body. That each of us is worthy to delight in products that gives us peace of mind. That each of us needs to take a pause and reset, and the only way to do it is to allow ourselves to escape a little and breathe a little. That each of us is enough.

Most importantly, we hope that as we strive to create these products that are all-natural and cruelty-free, we enable you to indulge in a unique experience that lets you be you.

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